El Injerto de Grasa Como Método Rejuvenecedor

While fat grafting for use as a filler was first attempted over a hundred years ago, it is not until recently that techniques have been refined and over the past two decades plastic surgeons have made this procedure mainstream with widespread acceptance. Fat as a filler is commonly used in the face for rejuvenation. General fat grafting to the face can restore more fullness, which can give the appearance of a more youthful and vital appearance. In youth our faces are more round with a higher fat volume. 

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Over the decades facial fat depletion results in a thinner face and possible hollowing of the temples, eyelids, and cheeks.

That’s right, for years micro droplets of fat have been injected into the face as a natural rejuvenating filler.

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Fat grafting is now a common adjunct procedure when performing a face lift and is also performed alone as a method in increase generalized facial fullness, or directed towards the cheeks or nasolabial folds, Fat is harvested from locations such as the hip or thigh with needle puncture. Fat collected from this small area of liposuction is processed in a centrifuge to concentrate the fat, or adipose cells for grafting of this natural filler. A portion of the injected fat will survive and provide for long term filling and rejuvenating effect. To achieve desired results fat grafting may require multiple procedures. Fat grafting will work better in areas that are static and do not move such as temples and cheeks and will be less effective in areas that are mobile such as the lips. But because fat grafting transfers actual living cells there are numerous beneficial effects to help fill defects and restore a youthful appearance to the skin and facial shape. Filling a depleted face with temporal hollowing and loss of volume to the cheeks can take decades off the apparent age for some individuals.

Fat grafting has become vital tool for regenerative medicine used to reverse signs of aging.

The Skinny On Fat Grafting - Fat Grafting | Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery

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