The Attack on Adult Acne

Adult Acne???

Are you one of those adults that wonder why in the heck you have to suffer from adult acne? I mean, wasn’t it enough that you suffered from acne in high school? Now, here it is again. Or maybe your acne started in adulthood. Either way, where is the justice?

Well, we know life isn’t always fair. Lucky for you, the acne sufferer, there are now many ways to effectively eradicate dastardly acne and reclaim smooth, clear skin. At Clinique Dallas, we can significantly reduce those pimples, cysts, and surprise breakouts. We can even improve existing acne scars with laser resurfacing.  

Adult Acne Feature - Medspa and Laser Center Clinique Dallas

With a combination of simple treatments and a few pharmaceutical-grade products chosen specifically for you, results can be seen within a matter of weeks. There’s also a bonus… anti-acne treatments are also anti-aging. Score!

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Prepare to be amazed at how quickly our Licensed Esthetician Ninja can conquer your evil acne lesions for good! Painless Blue Light treatments kill the bacteria in the skin and are perfect for smaller, surface pimples. Cystic acne can be wiped out with a Photo-dynamic Levulan treatment that can last for up to a year. There are customizable chemical peels for light to deep exfoliation and products that shrink the over-active oil-producing sebaceous glands.

Adult Acne Feature - Medspa and Laser Center Clinique Dallas
Call Clinique Dallas to schedule your free acne consultation today! Your skin could look even better than on your best high school days! Now, if only there was a redo on those yearbook pictures!

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