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[Updated on 12-2-2019]

Don’t wait until swimsuit weather to decide you want laser hair removal. NOW is the perfect time! There is a high probability that all of the women and most of the men in this country have thought about laser hair removal sometime in their lives. Who has not experienced embarrassing stubble, razor burn and in-grown hairs? Who hasn’t panicked over the time it takes shaving all the special areas to prepare for a hot date?

There is an answer to your silent prayers and it’s called Laser Hair Removal. With a series of treatments, 24/7 smooth can be yours!


Here are the top 6 reasons to begin your Laser Hair Removal in Fall:

  1. The Laser hair removal treatment will take 6-10 consecutive treatments every 4-6 weeks for the best results– meaning it will take a total of 6-12months to complete your laser hair removal series. Don’t wait until swimsuit weather to decide you want laser hair removal. NOW is the perfect time!
  2. Laser hair removal CANNOT be done on tanned / sunned skin, because the laser will generate more energy/heat when treating tanned skin, increasing your risk for burns with your treatments.
  3. No more red bumps and painful ingrown hairs in the shaved areas.
  4. Thousands of dollars saved over a lifetime of buying razor blades and shaving cream
  5. Thousands of hours saved over a lifetime NOT shaving
  6. And last but NOT least, the treated areas stay cleaner and fresher in sooo many ways!


Schedule your laser hair removal treatment series TODAY. It will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself!


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by a certified medical esthetician, to eliminate unwanted hair on ONE area.

Everyone wants to look their absolute best during the holiday season going into the new year, so be sure to take advantage of our LIMITED-TIME offers we are most certain will make wonderful gifts. Contact our office for more details.