Halo Para Manos!

Halo For Hands?

Halo for Hands - Clinique Dallas Plastic SurgeryMost people think that the Halo laser treatment (by Sciton) is just for facial concerns. Actually, the Halo Laser is such an amazing treatment it can be done to other areas of the body as well. While everyone is concerned with facial laser treatments that focus on texture, brown spots and loss of volume for a youthful appearance, but their aging hands are giving them away.

For many using great facial skin care is a daily routine but is often forgotten for the hands. Your hands are exposed to damaging sun rays just as much, so why not treat them. As we get older our age isn’t just seen in our face but in our hands TOO!

The Halo Laser Treatment for Hands is a quick and effective way to re-texturize your aging hands to reveal a fuller younger appearance and encourage collagen production, taking years off your hands.

The Halo laser treatment for hands is quick and comfortable, and will yield amazing results. Topical anesthetic is applied 1 hour prior to your treatment followed by a quick 15-20 minute laser treatment. This unique laser offers minimal downtime, which sets it a part from other resurfacing lasers.

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What can you expect after the Halo treatment in your hands?

Immediately after the treatment your hands will be red and you will feel slight sensation of heat. After the first 24 hours your skin will begin to peel, but you will be able to return to normal actives By day three or four you will begin to see your new refreshed skin, but it will continue to improve for months after your laser treatment.

The Halo laser treatment is not only a customizable treatment but it’s also suitable for almost all skin types.

Halo For Hands – After Treatment

During the winter months , the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays are less intense making this the perfect time for a Halo resurfacing treatment – so don’t miss out on your chance to get that HALO GLOW.

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