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diVa - Vaginal Rejuvenation by Sciton

Announcing diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy, a breakthrough Laser Resurfacing procedure for the improvement of vaginal tissue. The diVa is the latest innovation developed by Sciton, with cutting-edge Hybrid Fractional Laser Technology. The diVa is cleared by the FDA for the ablation and coagulation of soft vaginal tissue. The result is an increase in the thickness and elasticity of the vaginal wall, an increase in vaginal moisture and an increase in sexual satisfaction. The diVa also can improve low to mid-levels of urinary stress incontinence, or USI. This means increased confidence should that sudden sneeze or cough happen and more peace of mind when exercising and running.


diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation | Clinique Dallas Medspa and Laser CenterHelping women feel more like their vital, sensual selves.


diVa, the latest innovation developed by Sciton, expands the broad range of JOULE platform capabilities to address a woman’s most intimate challenges. This new modality utilizes the revolutionary Hybrid Laser Technology developed for Halo, the world’s first and only hybrid fractional laser, to treat the vaginal tissue so that women can feel more like their younger, vital selves.


High Precision Automation


The highly accurate motorized control system allows the providers to deliver the treatment with increased consistency, limits user variability and decreases the procedure time. HPA technology ensures treatments are uniform, fast and safe for every patient while allowing customized treatments based on a patient’s age, symptoms, and desired results.

The procedure takes only minutes and is just mildly uncomfortable, so no sedation is required. Three treatments, spaced one month apart are recommended for optimal patient satisfaction, followed by a maintenance treatment a year if desired.

Two major events in a woman’s life can lead to a decline in vaginal health:


  • Childbirth stretches the vaginal canal and surrounding tissue. The vagina can mostly be repaired by the body’s own healing response, but often the tissue may not return to the same state as before childbirth. The stretching of childbirth damages the vaginal walls, perineum, and surrounding tissue, which often leads to diminished vaginal health and functions.
  • Menopause and other events such as a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, or the process of breastfeeding, may lead to reduced estrogen by the ovaries and may often lead to thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls. For many women this may decrease healthy vaginal function.
diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation | Clinique Dallas Medspa and Laser Center

The Answer


Hybrid Fractional Laser Technology

The diVa is the world’s first and only hybrid fractional laser, to provide independent levels of ablation, coagulation (shrinking with heat), as well as varying levels of density. This allows the provider to customize the treatment based on the patients desired results.

Mechanism of Action

The diVa delivers both ablative and non ablitive wave lengths to the same microscopic treatment zone. 2940 nm for ablation and 1470 nm for coagulation to the vaginal soft tissue. This gives diVa the unique ability to provide customizable treatments based on the conditions of the patient’s vaginal tissue.

Patient Safety


The single use quartz tip remains stationary to expand and flatten the vaginal tissue for a uniform treatment. As the hand piece is rotated through the treatment area, pulses are delivered through a new section of quartz, to ensure laser accuracy and efficiency. This special disposable tip removes the need to clean the hand piece, which significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination and shortens the downtime between treatments.

Frequent Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for the diVa treatment?

Women that have had children or are experiencing menopause may be interested in a resurfacing treatment to improve the quality of their vaginal tissue.

How long does the procedure take?

diVa’s ergonomic design allows for patient comfort and ease of use. Each treatment takes 3 – 5 minutes to fractionally resurface the full length of the vaginal canal.

What do patient's experience during the treatment?

Patients will experience a slight pressure against the vaginal wall during laser resurfacing. The treatment is fast and some patient’s may experience sensitivity near the vaginal opening.

What do patients experience in the first 48 hours after treatment?

Patients may return to their daily routine with minimal to no discharge, spotting or discomfort. However, they should avoid sexual intercourse for about 48 hours.

Is sedation necessary?

No, the laser resurfacing treatment is fast, easy and completed in an outpatient setting. There may be a topical anesthetic applied to increase patient comfort, but it’s not necessary.


"Before my diVa treatment ..." Ellen, age 40

“Before my diVa treatment I was very insecure during sex. The laser treatments have really improved my self confidence. I am most impressed about how quickly my spouse could notice a difference even after the first treatment.”

Ellen, age 40

"After having the diVa procedure..." Sherry, age 53

“After having the diVa procedure, I fell like I am 33 instead of 53. I think all women should have this procedure – it really makes a huge difference!”

Sherry, age 53

"I was a little self conscience ..." Janet, age 45

“I was a little self conscience before my diVa. I think the laser treatments made my relationship better with my partner and even he noticed a difference. I am most impressed that this procedure is quick and offers tangible results. I look forward to the fact that I can have more treatments in the future to maintain benefits and keep aging well.”

Janet, age 45

The diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy is easy, safe and quick! It is a transformational vaginal therapy, able to turn back the hands of time in ways you could only previously dream about.

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