¿Cuándo debo comenzar Botox o Dysport?

When is the right age to start Botox or Dysport?” or “When should I start treating my wrinkles?”

Dallas Dysport | Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery, Medspa and Laser CenterThose are 2 very common question patients ask me. The truth is, there is no magic age to start Botox or Dysport. The answers to these questions are different for every person, because it depends on the dynamic of your wrinkles — so I wanted to give you guys a couple of tips to help make your decision to start injectables a little easier.

Injectables have been a HUGE game changer in the aesthetic industry. It is one, if not the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment on the market because you can get such great results without having to be inside an operating room.

When it comes to neurotoxin treatment with Botox or Dysport, I like to think of it as a PREVENTATIVE treatment. Just like you wear sunscreen to prevent your skin from aging, sunburns, and potential skin cancers, you want to think of Botox and Dysport treatment as part of your skincare, anti-aging routine. Neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport work by relaxing your muscles. As it relaxes your muscles, it will also relax the overlying skin, preventing wrinkle formation. You want to start treatment BEFORE your wrinkles become deep or more pronounced. Starting early is key to avoid the need for more invasive treatments in the future.

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How do you know it’s time to start you Botox or Dysport treatment?

If you’re on the fence about treating your forehead lines. I would ask you to stand in front of a mirror, raise your eyebrows up, and then relax them. When you relax your eyebrows, do you still see your forehead lines? If your wrinkles are sticking around when your face is at rest, the time for you to start Botox or Dysport is NOW.

If you’re someone who already has fixed lines or wrinkles at rest, it’s not too late for you to start your neurotoxin treatment. It just may take a few additional treatments or additional units to get you to where you want to be vs someone who has softer, less prominent lines.

There is not one size fits all when it comes to injectables. It’s important that you see an experienced injector to appropriately analyze your wrinkle dynamics and recommend an individualized treatment that will give you the best, natural appearing results.

To learn more about Botox and Dysport, please watch the following video:


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