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Cosmetic Surgery

 Cosmetic surgery allows you to enhance your features that make you unique while maintaining your individuality
Cosmetic breast surgery can improve the shape, size, contour and symmetry of your breasts; it can also help you improve your looks, self confidence, and add that little extra to make you feel like a million bucks. Small breasts, or breasts that have lost volume or shape with aging, pregnancy or weight loss, can be enhanced with breast augmentation. Whatever your situation is, you can rest assured that we can help you.

The following cosmetic procedures are offered for breasts:


Cosmetic surgery allows you to enhance your features that make you unique while maintaining your individuality. Faces age in many different ways and at different rates. There are a myriad of facial rejuvenation options available, both surgical and non surgical. Facial plastic surgery can provide individuals with more balanced facial features. Whether seeking rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, or otoplasty, every patient of our Clinique Dallas office receives personalized care. For patients who are interested in rejuvenating their appearance, Dr. Antonetti also offers facelift and eyelid surgery.

Often times a combination of procedures is necessary to achieve the results you desire. Make plans to meet with our doctor to guide you through which procedure will help you reach your goals.

There are so many different reasons that women and men decide to undergo body contouring procedures. Weight gain, dieting, the trials and tribulations of exercising can make it difficult getting our bodies looking as good as we’d like. Cosmetic body surgery offers women and men a way to safely and effectively reshape their bodies and improve concerns such as excessive fat and sagging skin. Sometimes, no matter how strict your diet and fitness regime, it’s just not possible to obtain the results you desire. Body shaping procedures including liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), arm lift, thigh and other excess skin or fat removal maybe the answer for you.

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