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Chin Surgery

A weak chin can detract from an otherwise attractive profile. Fortunately, chin augmentation can increase the size of the chin, creating a stronger jaw line and balancing other facial features. In some cases, a weak chin can place too much emphasis on the nose. Fortunately, this procedure can make the nose look smaller and improve the proportions between the nose and chin. Chin augmentation can also be performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty for more dramatic results. Like other cosmetic surgeries, chin augmentation can be customized, depending on a patient’s specific needs. Chin augmentation does not affect a normal dental bite, but it can be performed in conjunction with jaw surgery to correct the bite, if necessary. If you would like to learn more about our Dallas practice and the results you can expect from Chin surgery, feel free to contact our office for a consultation.

As with any surgery, most patients experience swelling and bruising of the chin area after the augmentation procedure.

Applying cold compresses during the first couple of days may help the swelling and bruising to subside.  Chin augmentation patients are also advised to rest with their head and torso elevated after surgery. Moving around is usually beneficial, as it stimulates the circulation and reduces swelling; however, patients should take care to avoid any strenuous activities for the first few weeks after surgery.

Individuals who are considering chin augmentation are encouraged to contact our Dallas office for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.

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