Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal - Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery, Medspa & Laser CenterMany women find themselves at a crossroads, years after having breast implant surgery. Perhaps the need for larger breasts has faded over time. Perhaps the breasts just don’t look great anymore or have become uncomfortable. Breasts naturally sag over time and the weight of the implants can emphasize the sagging appearance. Breast implant removal is also commonly performed on women who have experienced sagging due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations.

Whatever the personal reason, breast implant removal is not uncommon. Often, a breast lift is done at the same time to address the stretched skin and to get the breasts back in a higher, well-placed position.

 The procedure is fairly simple. After implant removal and breast lift surgery, most women usually don’t require pain medication for more than 24 hours. With just implant removal surgery, they are able to return to work within a few days as long as no heavy lifting is involved. Those undergoing a breast lift along with implant removal can return to work after a week. It’s recommended that exercise or lifting anything over 10 pounds be avoided for the first five weeks following surgery. After this time, you should be able to resume all normal activities including exercise.

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Breast Implant Removal - Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery, Medspa & Laser CenterWhile recovery varies from person to person, breast implant removal is much easier than the initial surgery, since the muscle is undisturbed. Most women report minimal discomfort.

Breast implant removal surgery has a very high success rate. The risks involved are less than for placing the implants. Surgery risks can be minimized by following your post-op instructions closely. Implant removal scars typically heal very well and can often be inconspicuous, but may take a year to get the final appearance. The use of scar cream or silicone sheeting is recommended during the healing process. We also offer laser scar therapy for those who may want further improvement in their scars.

To learn more about breast implant removal and breast lift surgery, call Clinique Dallas to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Antonetti. He will take the time to answer all your questions, in a comfortable, caring and private environment.


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