BMI – How Your Weight Influences Your Surgery

Assessing Your Weight using BMI

An important factor that directly impacts the results of your surgery is your weight. Whether you are thinking about a Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, or Liposuction, being at a healthy weight prior to surgery will not only lower your risks, but your healthy weight will translate to better results. We like to use a measurement called BMI which stands for Body Mass Index. This is a number calculated using your weight and your height. Your BMI estimates your body fat and is a great screening tool to assess whether you are a good candidate for surgery.

While there are always risks to having surgery, having a high BMI can increase those risks. Patients with higher BMI will have a longer surgery time, longer recovery time, and increased risk for things like infection.

BMI - Be happy and more confident - Clinique Dallas Plastic SurgeryBe Happier & More Confident!

We are often asked by patients if they should lose weight prior to surgery. In general, you should be around 5-15lbs from your ideal weight. Our happiest and most confident patients are those who reach or are very close to their ideal weight before surgery. You will not only be happier with your results, but your results will also last longer — who doesn’t want that?

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Avoid Additional Surgeries

Another reason we advise you to be at a certain weight prior to surgery, is to avoid additional surgeries in the future. For example, if you’ve had a tummy tuck and lost a significant amount of weight AFTER your surgery, you most likely will have some redundant, loose skin to your abdomen as a result. We often see returning patients interested in the same procedures due to weight loss. While we are happy to see our patients back, we want to do our best to reduce the need for repeated procedures for our patients.

If you’ve been asked to lose weight prior to your surgery, do not be discouraged — in fact, you should be thankful that your surgeon is honest with you and also wants you to have the ultimate result in the safest way possible.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Finally, everyone wants the BEST results after cosmetic surgery. In order to achieve the most satisfactory results, you first want to choose the right surgeon. There are many plastic surgeons in the DFW area and it’s important you find a surgeon who is certified, knowledgeable, and experienced in the procedures that interest you.

If you are interested in any cosmetic procedure and would like to have a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Antonetti, please contact our office to setup a consultation with him or one of our specialists by calling the number 972-566-2010 or sending a message using our contact form, where you can also request a virtual consultation.


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