BBL Acne Therapy – Banish Acne At Any Age!

As most of us know, acne breakouts aren’t selective about who they target or when they strike. The only guarantee is that it’s always a surprise because there’s never a right time for a breakout.

If you suffer from acne, you are not alone! Acne affects almost everyone. More than 90% of all adolescents, nearly 50% of all adult women, and 25% of all adults. (

It’s time to strike break-outs before they strike you! In fact, acne annihilation sounds even better! Here’s how we do it at Clinique Dallas:

Acne Case - BBL Acne Therapy - Plastic Surgery, Medspa and Laser Center | Clinique Dallas
BBL Acne Therapy – Before & After

SCITON (BROAD BASED LIGHT) BBL Acne Therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that utilizes a blue filter to selectively target the p-acnes bacteria on the surface of the skin and in the sebaceous glands that are partially responsible for acne. Boom – acne is gone! The treatments can even offer an alternative to oral medications such as Accutane or long-term antibiotics in some cases.

A BBL acne treatment involves controlled heating of the sub-epidermal layers of the skin. This process will lead to fibroblast proliferation, collagen remodeling, and treating overactive sebaceous glands. Other benefits are the reduction of future acne scars due to reduced acne lesions and an overall improvement in skin quality. I know there are those of you who have suffered from acne for years that may find this too good to be true, but it is true!

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What is BBL Acne Therapy like?

BBL acne treatments are easy, with little to no discomfort and mild redness for up to 1-2 days. Each treatment takes about 20-30 minutes. To achieve maximum improvement with BBL Acne Therapy, a series of 8 weekly treatments is most effective. A periodic touch up treatment ranging from monthly to every 6 months is recommended, depending on your acne type and severity.

Acne Case - BBL Acne Therapy - Plastic Surgery, Medspa and Laser Center | Clinique Dallas

Sciton BBL Acne treatments, combined with a professional home skincare program will give you significant long-term clearance and confidence from acne break-outs. For a further improvement to old acne scars, we also offer Sciton ProFractional resurfacing. 

The ProFractional is an erbium resurfacing laser that drills tiny holes into the skin. These holes will rebuild with new, healthy columns of supportive tissue, lessening the appearance of the scars. We will be happy to show you before and after pictures at your consultation. You can also check out many different Sciton treatments at under the treatments tab.

Don’t let unpredictable acne break-outs spoil that awesome photo-op, or cause distress in social engagements. Stop being the victim of acne and become the victor! Banish your acne and improve your life with professional skin care from the experts at Clinique Dallas!


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